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Shunyata Research CIRRUS interconnects 1.0M RCA

1.279,00 incl




Shunyata Research CIRRUS interconnects 1.0M RCA

interlink RCA van 1 meter

SN: CIC-0200

Optisch: 9
Technisch: 10

Met originele doos.


Shunyata’s Cirrus Interconnect Uses Helix Geometry For Sky-High Performance!

Cirrus is the most affordable implementation of Shunyata’s technically advanced, patented Helix Geometry. This intricate interconnect features a 3×3 single-core design that virtually eliminates the distortions and system dependencies that plague common cable designs. The Cirrus is entirely hand-made here in the US, designed to easily outperform even the most expensive signal cable products on the market.

Shunyata Research’s Aeros Series Signal Cables are hand-built fusions of art and science. The extremely intricate, hand wound Helix Geometry braid was granted a patent for its ability to minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference, reactance and self-induced distortion. The dual helix, longitudinally offset, counter-rotating geometry eliminates the self-induced distortions that plague other cable designs.

Only Shunyata’s exclusive Helix Geometry achieves both low capacitive reactance and low inductive reactance. Wide conductor spacing and 90-degree crossing angles minimize capacitance. Longitudinally offset counter-rotating helices create disparate electromagnetic flux fields which minimize inductive reactance. This gives the Aeros series unparalled speed, dynamic range and tonal accuracy.

– Patented Helix geometry: US6,242,689
– Entirely hand-braided
– Unrivaled Shunyata Research Craftsmanship

Cohergenic Conductors
– Certified CDA-101 copper
– Premium polyethylene dielectric

– Geometry: 3×3 HELIX
– Conductors: 6
– Flexible 10mm diameter

– Neutrik XLR with Silver contacts

– Inductance: < .05uH/ft
– Capacitance: < .03nf/ft


Shunyata Research CIRRUS interconnects 1.0M RCA

1.279,00 incl


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