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NAT SE1 Single Ended Monoblocks





NAT SE1 Single Ended Monoblocks. Deze klasse A eindversterkers verkeren in absolute nieuwstaat!

Optisch 9,5

Technisch 10

Komen met alle originele bescheiden en OVP.

Design Features NAT SE1

– single-ended type – single stage (unique circuit by NAT)
– mono block pure class “A”
– triode direct heated (D.H.T.) output tube
– low feedback with absolute zero feedback as option
– all triode signal path configuration
– short signal path
– no coupling capacitor from input to output
– no inter-stage transformer from input to output
– high power GM70 triode output tube (military grade, and N.O.S.)
– hand coiled output transformer (custom design for NAT)
– regulated power supply for all stages
– soft start operate to improve long term stability
– hand assembled all modulated chassis
– aluminium front panel of 10mm thick (standard black finish, optional silver)
– high mass Shutzinger laboratory grade output connectors
– gold plated PTFE insulated RCA input connector custom ordered from NAT
– extensively used computer numeric control machines (CNC)
– cover cage (optional)

Type Single Ended Class “A”
Power Output up to 25 W @ 1 kHz, 8 ohms taps
THD 0.95% @ 20 W @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response 10 Hz to 70 kHz
Input Impedance 100 kohms parallel with 100pF
Input Sensitivity 1 V RMS for 25 Watts Output @ zero feedback
Gain 23 dB (x14)
Noise 108 dB below rated output “A” weighted
Tube Complement 1 x 6N2P-EV, 1 x 6N30P-DR & 1 x ………(3 tubes/block, 2 tubes inside a chassis)
Power Requirement 220 to 240 (110 to 120) VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz, 180 VA max.
Dimensions 11.8″ (300 mm) wide x 20.4″ (520 mm) deep x 10.2″ (260 mm) high
NET Weight approx. 60 lbs. (25 kg) unpacked / monoblock
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