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Blumenhofer Acoustics Classic 1722 (demo)





Blumenhofer Acoustics Classic 1722 in demo uitvoering met gratis stands. Perfecte staat!

Walnoot uitvoering.

Garantie: 5 jaar!

De Classic 1722 is ontwikkeld in samenspraak met Music2 Audio import.


Specificaties Blumenhofer Acoustics Classic 1722:

Material  HDF-Complex
Thickness  18mm
Internal Bracing  Structural bracing interaction
Frequency range  40Hz – 20kHz ± 2dB
Bass Cabinet  Bass Reflex
Porting  Front

Woofer  250mm / 10″
Material  Paper
P2F® Sandwich
Cross over frequency  1.200 Hz

Midhigh  Compression driver
Horn Throat  1″
Membrane dimensions  44mm / 1,75″
Material  Mylar

Max power input (RMS)  100 W
Efficiency  93 dB
Impedance  8 Ohm
Terminal  Single Wiring
Material  Gold plated
tellurium copper

Dimensions  60x35x34
Weight 17 kg each


Premium Horn Loudspeakers
Since 1979 Thomas Blumenhofer develops and builds High End
Blumenhofer Acoustics is a traditional audiophile Loudspeaker
manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience in horn
loudspeakers. Speed, precision, live character, naturalness and
richness are the main characteristics of our construction philosophy: ideal for both, home cinema and HiFi stereo.
The choice of the each single component, loudspeakers, capacitors, materials for the cabinets and new materials for the speakers, is the result of more than 35 years of experience, continuous
development and intuitions for building the best HiFi speakers.
Blumenhofer Acoustics’ development and production site is located on a hill within the Augsburg Westliche Wälder nature park.
In the south of Germany.


Lees meer over Blumenhofer luidsprekers op de website van Thomas Blumenhofer


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